Zanzibar : a True Natural Paradise immersed in Indian Ocean
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Nungwi beach at the northern end of Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a true natural paradise, a pearl immersed in Indian Ocean. Here you can admire colors that you will never see anywhere else in the world.

The first time you find yourself in front of this magnificent sea, you  can only gasp.

The fast flow of the tides gives the real show of colors, as the sea acquires infinite shades of blue that change very quickly.

The beautiful white beaches are able to give more prominence to the ocean, making the landscape a continuous postcard.

Nungwi beach at the northern end of Zanzibar

But despite the beauty, it is worth considering that Zanzibar offers small seaside resorts very different from each other.

Here below are described the three main zones so that you can understand where you want to stay.


The North Coast of Zanzibar

The most significant towns in the north of the island are Nungwi and Kendwa.

In general, this part of the island, is less sensitive to tidal flow and for this reason it is viable bathing in every hour of the day.

Nungwi is larger than Kendwa and the majority of the accommodations are located here. It has a very tourist center but you can just move in the far north to find an oasis of tranquility.

In fact, the area near the lighthouse still retains a very genuine character thanks to the wonderful beach where the villagers use to build their traditional boats : the dhows.

At Nungwui the beaches are not huge and rocks alternate with picturesque beaches of fine sand.

Kendwa, smaller than Nungwi and with a lot less charming town, is located near one of the most beautiful beaches of the island.

Here you will find lovely colors and the chance to go for long walks away from chaos.

At low tide you can move between these two locations walking on the beach for about 40 minutes. Both offer accommodation ranging from large resorts to the most convenient suitable for backpackers.

Tip :

it’s very comfortable from this location to go for the excursion around the island of Mnemba to do snorkeling.

Mnemba Island, Zanzibar


The East Coast of Zanzibar

Most affected by the phenomenon of the tides is the coast to the east, in particular the location of Kiwengwa.

The beaches are wide and bathing, although a bit more difficult than in the north, is almost always feasible.

Even on this coast you can still find places a little less touristy as Uroa and Pongwe, whose beaches are a little less long.

Tip :

the closest excursion in this area is the one to the capital Stone Town, which is far an hour and bring you to visit the spice plantation.


The South Coast of Zanzibar

The south coast is known for two locations : Paje and Jambiani.

Most frequented by backpackers and lovers of kite surfing, this part of the coast is strongly affected by the phenomenon of the tides that transform the surrounding landscape with amazing speed.

This game of tides gives the most beautiful colors you can see all over the island.

In Paje you can observe more closely the women engaged in the cultivation and harvesting of algae. It is characterized by a huge white beach frequented mostly by kite surfer who find their own paradise in this resort.

Jambiani, which is about a 40 minute walk on the beach from Paje, is a very lively village whose stone houses directly face the beach making the landscape particularly striking.

In this area there are no large resorts but rather little structures and many cheap accommodations.


from here it is particularly comfortable the hike to the Jozani Forest which is only 20 minutes drive away and the trip to see the dolphins in the far south of the island.


Although you should visit yourself Zanzibar to check the fantastic views, I hope that these few lines may be useful to those who still have not the fortune to travel there.

May be some day! 🙂


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