The Majestic and Spectacular Victoria Falls
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If you plan a trip to Africa, then you need to visit those who are not only among the largest waterfalls, but also the most beautiful and the most majestic of our planet : the Victoria Falls.

They are on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. They are also called by locals as Mosi -oa- Tunya, in other words as “the smoke that thunders”.


Victoria Falls Details

Victoria Falls born from the mountains of Zambia, specifically from the Zambezi River, one of the most important in Africa.

They have a long face of about 1 ½ kilometers and they are approximately 128 m high.

Between January and April, shortly after the summer rains, the mist of the waterfall rise up to a thousand meters preventing the view of this amazing show.

Victoria Falls - Zambia side

Counted among the seven natural wonders of the world, they are also a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

The famous Scottish explorer David Livingstone was the first Westerner to visit the falls in 1855. He gave the name to the falls of Victoria, in honor of the Queen of England of that time.

What makes these falls so fascinating is not only the grandeur and majesty, but the landscape context in which they are located.

All these features make the Victoria Falls a unique place that you can hardly forget.


Visiting Victoria Falls

It’s possible to visit these waterfalls both from Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe ) and Livingstone (Zambia), because they are located on the border.

It would be advisable to visit the falls from both sides, but not always you could have this chance.

Small technical notes :

Zambia visa is $50, Zimbabwe visa is 30$, the entrance to the visit of the falls is instead $30.

The helicopter ride is not cheap , $130 for each person, but it is absolutely worth it. In fact, seeing them from the sky, you will be aware of their greatness, and above all, you won’t lose the environmental context.

From the helicopter you see a huge crack in the earth, a long and narrow gorge from which, with great stateliness, a quantity of water goes down in a really impressive force.

Moreover, again by the view from the top, you can easily recognize the two different sides of Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls from the sky

Victoria Falls from the sky

There are many activities that you can do at Victoria Falls, some of them are also very adrenaline-fueled, among which is particularly famous the bungee jumping from the bridge that marks the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

This is the third highest jump in the world!

Then there is the opportunity to walk the course of the Zambezi River in a canoe or kayak and organize a range of excursions on foot to explore this fascinating area.


What about you?

Have you ever visited Victoria Falls?

Please share your experience in the comments below, thanks!


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