Why You Don’t Need To Give Up What You Love When You’re a Mom
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If you’re like me and you feel like almost everything you do is in relation to your position as ‘Mom’, then I’ve got a news flash; you don’t have to!

Between work, driving kids to school and sports, keeping up with laundry, and making sure to spend the odd hour cuddling with my husband, it’s almost impossible to find time for me and my friends.

Although your kids take away much of your time, and even though you love it, that shouldn’t mean you don’t get any time with just your girlfriends. Make time for yourself and make sure that you keep yourself happy too! Here are some ways I’ve managed to make substantial time for me:


Girls’ Night Out

Yes, it’s a classic. Yes, it’s cliche. Yes, it’s spectacular. Having a night out on the town with your favorite girls and enjoy yourselves. Whether you like to go sit at a pub and enjoy some drinks and apps or go out dancing at a club, you’re sure to have a great time. You’ll relieve some of the stress and give you and your friends a great night to remember.

Hire a babysitter or leave your husband at home for the night and enjoy yourself!


Go On An Adventure

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While the traditional girl’s night out is a great time, guaranteed, you can also be a bit more adventurous and try something new. Consider going to an escape room, a wine or brewery tour, or even an inspiration speech from a visionary or luminary that interests you. Whether you want to go with your friends or go it alone, you’ll be sure to find something you love.

I’ve found a couple different exciting evenings like this that were both interesting and enjoyable at www.ifonly.com! The first was a presentation by a female entrepreneur about how she started her business and manages it with her children. Another time, me and some friends got to spend a day out learning to ski with a local legend and Olympic contender. What a great way to improve our skills, learn some new things, and have a wonderful day!


Netflix, Chill, and Cocktails

Although you may like to go out, you can also have a great relaxing and exciting evening inside. Consider staying in for some ‘Netflix and Chill’, but add your own twist: cocktails. What better way to wind down at the end of the week than getting to have some cocktails with your girls at on of their places, sit back with some snacks, and stream some TV and movies on Netflix. Whether you want to sit and watch intently or you want to criticize and comment while you sit back and sip, you’re sure to have a great time!

You don’t even have to stick to chick flicks! You can binge watch an entire season of something you all love.


Despite your devotion to your children, it’s important that you still get to be yourself and enjoy some of the things you love. Being the best Mom doesn’t have to mean you can’t still have fun with your friends, and with these tips, it doesn’t! Enjoy!


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