Travel And Food: Combine Your Passions To Fund Your Next Trip
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If your next trip is coming up but you feel the pinch on your purse strings, you’re probably desperately thinking of ways to raise some extra cash.

Have you ever thought about holding a fundraiser event? Supper clubs are one of the best events as you can combine your love of food and travel. Diners will pay to enjoy a meal you cook them.

Use inspiration from your previous trips to create a menu. Below are some world cuisines that are super easy to recreate and will put a smile on your diners’ faces. You’ll have extra spending money for your trip in no time!





German is one of the easiest cuisines to do yourself. The Germans love pork, especially pork sausages, so it can be as easy as picking up some pork sausages from your local butcher. Then, just serve them as they would be in Germany.

You can either enjoy them in a white bread bun or have them along with some homemade potato salad. If you fancy being a bit more adventurous in your cooking, make a schnitzel. You just need to flatten and breadcrumb a chicken breast and fry it. Enjoy it with some German mustard!



France is known for its classic cuisine. The French are able to create exquisite meals and dishes without too much fuss. So if you’ve been put off from French cooking because it looks so difficult, give it a try. You may be very surprised at how easy it is! Sauteed potatoes is a traditional side dish.

You can make them extra tasty by frying them with some lardons and chopped onion. For the main course, cook duck in an orange sauce which is known as duck a l’orange:


American Cuisine

America is known for its hearty dishes, such as huge cheeseburgers and fluffy pancakes. If you want to eat like a New Yorker, think about getting some gravadlax salmon to top your bagels with.

Want a taste of Texas? Then you will need to add some Mexican influences to your dishes. How about making tacos for dinner. America is such a big country: its cuisine varies widely. For a full roundup, take a look at sites such as





It is possible to enjoy Chinese food at many restaurants and takeaways. But you can make it exactly how you like it if you try it at home. You never know, you may even prefer it to your favorite takeout joint!

One of the easiest ways to enjoy Chinese food at home is to cook a stir fry. You just need a wok to fry all the vegetables, meat and noodles in.



Love your pizza and pasta? Italian cuisine could be the one for you! Make your kitchen smell like Rome by making homemade pizzas, lasagnas, and meatball dishes.

Remember to make a side salad out of rocket, mozzarella, and plenty of fresh tomatoes. Use lashings of olive oil as well for a traditional Italian flavor.


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