6 Tips For A Perfect Trip To Paris
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Paris is the capital of France and is also the most populous city of this nation. This city offers many things to see among monuments, works of art, shopping centers and high fashion shops.

Being a great metropolis, visiting could be a bit complicated. In this post, we will give six practical tips to face a perfect trip to Paris, thus avoiding unnecessary waste of time.


1. Book The Flight In Advance

A very important piece of advice regards how to reach Paris. The airplane is the ideal way to travel to this fabulous city, as it is the fastest and in some cases the most economical way.

Whether you are looking for flights from Los Angeles to Paris or flights from Chicago to Paris, the airports of reference are the Charles De Gaulle and the Orly, used by both Air France and other airlines. Once you get off the plane, you can reach the center of Paris using the appropriate buses, train, or taxi.


2. Create a Route

Another suggested thing is to create itineraries by including the most interesting places you want to visit, because it is unthinkable to be able to see all of Paris in a few days.

Obviously, the itinerary is not made to be followed exactly step by step, but at least you will have an idea of what, when and how you can see monuments, museums, churches, palaces.


3. Find a Hotel

It is also good to find a hotel that is close enough to the transportation services or to the most important tourist centers, so you do not have to waste a lot of time to reach each of your destinations.

For a decent price, there are excellent promotions on various reliable websites.


4. Eat in Typical Restaurants

To eat and drink, you can find cafes and not very expensive places with classic French cuisine.

The water carafe in the restaurant is free and you can ask for it as much as you want. In Paris it is very popular to eat a baguette with sliced and cheese for lunch.

For dinner, you can try the Entrecote and the Raclette.


5. Buy Souvenirs in the Latin District

If you want to bring souvenirs to your family and friends, you should go shopping in the Latin quarter where everything is very cheap.

If you buy postcards, you will not need to visit the tobacconist for stamps, because they are also sold in bistros.


6. Visit Free Places

Another suggestion is to visit places and monuments that are free, like the Louvre on the first Sunday of every month.

Also, there are many parks and gardens, or even the Père-Lachaise cemetery, which is full of graves of famous people like Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Chopin.

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