Should You Be Concerned About The High Threat From Terrorism In Spain?
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Many British and American people visit Spain for their annual holidays. That is because the European country offers some of the best climates during the summer months.

Also, Spain a reasonably cheap place to go if you don’t want to break the bank. However, most government websites not state that Spain faces a high threat from terrorism.

With that in mind, we wanted to take a look at the facts and help you to make a conclusion. If you’ve already booked your vacation to Spain, you’ll wish you’d read this page first.

If you’re currently looking to book, make sure you pay attention before spending your money.

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Threat from ISIS terrorism

It’s understandable that Western governments are covering their backs when it comes to terrorism in Spain. Anyone who’s ever seen a map will notice that Algeria is only a short boat ride away.

That country is renowned as one of the main training locations for ISIS fighters. Its border with Morocco has been closed for many years for that reason. Spain is also just across the water from Turkey, and that country borders Syria.

Terrorist cells are known to exist in Turkey today, and so the warning seems founded. While there have been no ISIS attacks on Spanish soil, the group did release a video earlier this year saying Spain was a prime target.


Threat from Boko Haram terrorism

Boko Haram has links to ISIS, and their headquarters are located in Nigeria. That’s a long way from Spain, but experts warn they have moved into Egypt. That country is only a few miles away across a body of water.

So, it’s entirely possible they could attack Spanish holiday resorts. Indeed, they even promised to do so in a recent propaganda video designed to scare the west.

The group raises non-Muslim villages and towns to the ground in the name of their god. They are considered Jihadists much like ISIS, but the two groups have some ideological differences. That’s the only thing stopping them from joining forces.




Threat from other Middle Eastern terrorism

The United States hasn’t made many friends in the Middle East during the last few decades. While they have a good relationship with Saudi Arabia and Israel, the friendliness stops there. In recent times, the American government signed a nuclear deal with Iran that has heightened tensions in that part of the world.

Chief advisor Mark Dubowitz warned against possible reprisals at the time. He claimed that other Muslim nations without nuclear power would presume the US now favors Iran.

As they are all so close to the Spanish towns American holidaymakers visit, that causes some level of concern. However, the situation is pretty calm right now.


Whatever you decide to do, always check your government’s travel warnings before you book your holidays.

Thomas Cook recently cancelled all vacations to Sharm el-Sheikh due to security concerns. That means anyone who planned to go between now and November will have to make alternative arrangements.

Holidays are supposed to be a fun experience with your family. Don’t make the mistake of going somewhere with a high threat from terrorism if you want a peaceful break.

There are plenty of other places where the risk isn’t so great. Italy for example.

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