4 Great Ways to Save Money When Traveling Internationally
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We all have dreams of visiting exotic, and far away lands, but few feel they possess the means to make those a reality.  Traveling internationally definitely comes with greater costs than domestic travel, but there are a number of ways to reduce your expenses and save money while having the trip abroad of your dreams. If you’re able to, visiting someplace like the clc travel centre Cotswolds can save you a lot of money on your trip. Below are five other mostly effortless ways to save some money and have the trip of a lifetime.


Travel During “Shoulder Season”

In the travel industry, the off-season for travel in the region is known as a shoulder season.  Not only are flights typically cheaper during these periods, but hotels and attractions are also priced substantially lower as well.  You also get the added bonus of visiting big attractions and using hotel accommodations without large groups of people to share it with. The typical off-peak period for Europe is November to March.  Summer is decidedly cheaper for airfare and accommodations in Asian countries, but this is also at the height of the hottest time of year.  


Plan Attractions Ahead of Time

You don’t have to make a set in stone commitment, but making a list of available free activities, festivals, and museums that are happening during the time you will be visiting is a great way to save money and immerse yourself in local culture. The website EuroCheapo has put together a fantastic resource that highlights a list of free and discounted museums in Paris and shows just how many options there are in one city alone.  Like in many European cities, there are some museums in Paris that are always free! Some additionally have special days of the week or times of day where entry is free.  By utilizing the time between planning your perfect vacation and making it a reality to research free and low-cost activities where you’ll be visiting, you can save hundreds of dollars.


Use Apps to Your Advantage

There are apps for everything these days and many that can be utilized when traveling to help save some money.  Trail Wallet is a great app for helping keep travelers on a budget and within their financial goals while traveling.  The Fork helps those on the road to find deals on food in multiple European countries, and some apps help travelers locate sources of free wifi, which is great for communicating while abroad, and without fear of an enormous phone bill on your return. Once you find wifi, you can use apps that rely on wifi connections, rather than cellular data, to communicate with people back home.


Live Like a Local

Most locals don’t pay high admission fees and rates to find things to do.  Spend some time searching out places that local people frequent and activities not traditionally geared towards international visitors.  Finding the restaurants that cater to a local clientele often means that you’ll find quality food at a much more affordable price.  You’ll often need to travel a few blocks from the hotel district, but the savings can be worth it.  Additionally, using public transportation options in many countries are very safe and affordable ways to get around.  Rather than paying for a taxi each time you want to go somewhere, try the subway or trams, or take a walk and explore all that the outdoors have to offer.



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