See the World Best Sunset in Santorini
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Santorini, among all the islands of the Cyclades, is the one that presents the most breathtaking views, ranging from sunsets tinged with red sea and sky to the sinuous contours of the towns of Fira and Oia perched on cliffs overlooking the sea.

Included among the best wonders of the world is now unavoidable destination for the many cruises that navigate the Mediterranean.

Santorini is loved from tourists of all around the world!


Tips for Traveling to Santorini

Oia - Santorini

If you choose Santorini as your destination, do not expect to find this small island without tourists, but still you can visit and discover the most authentic side of this amazing place.

If you are able to adapt yourself, you may follow these tips :

– try to book an apartment in the villages by the sea on the south side of the island as Perissa, Perivolos or east to Kamari. Any place you like, because a bit for the economic crisis and a bit for the competition, you will find cheap accomodations, also to the beaches (2 sunbeds and umbrellas to € 7) and you can eat without worry to get out of a tight budget;

– rent a car and move to those villages or beaches where tourists disembarked from ships can not reach due to limited time. The choice is really wide. Alternatively, you can take a small boat from the port of Perissa or Kamari, which will take you to visit the Red Beach, White Beach and the Black Beach (certainly you will find very nice the first and second one, but the third one will give you a fantastic peace and quiet and can also be reached with a small boat with only 5 € from the ” Red Beach ” ;

– visit the cities only in the evening so you will avoid the heat and all the tourists from the boats before dinner.

In this way, you will discover Santorini from a different point of view : an enchanting place where a simple coffee on one of the terraces of Firostefani and Imerovigli is a moment to remember .

Santorini Sunset

In the late afternoon you can watch the sun dips beyond the caldera, while eating a plate of good fish on the edge of the pier of the port of the town of Oia, overlooking the town connected by a peripheral road or trail.

Splashing waves that will come to you on foot will help to include this experience in that category of things that are priceless ( from emotional point of view … because for a dinner for two to fish the cost is more or less 80 € ).

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3 thoughts on “See the World Best Sunset in Santorini

  1. Are these pics are real one..,So amazing place like haven on earth…
    Does this place open in every time or in any particular month.

    1. Hi Ankit,
      actually I have really visited Santorini.
      It was during summer 2008.
      An amazing place, above all for a romantic stay for couples.

      Thanks for your comment here!

      1. Thanks Erik,
        You are so lucky to get such a view.
        It would be my pleasure if you shear some more info & pic about this place.

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