Planning a Safari in Africa? Read these top tips first!
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A safari trip is a lifelong dream for many people’s bucket list. But planning the trip can be a daunting process.

Read our top tips below to make your dream a reality, it’s not as complicated as it may seem!


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What do you want to see?

First of all, decide what it is exactly that you want to achieve from your trip. Different parks offer different species, so pick places which are home to the wildlife you most want to see. Africa is a huge place so you’ll only be able to see a small part of it during your trip.

Make sure you’ve done your research and decided which sights are your priorities. Each National Park has a different personality; with open savannahs, beaches, mountains and deserts, there’s one for you no matter what you want.


When should you book?

What time of year you visit Africa really depends on what you want to see. The wildebeest migration is during July and August in the Maasi Mara, but this makes it peak time for tourists.

During the off season (over European winter and spring), there are fewer tourists. This is the perfect time to see game viewing, but the coast isn’t at it’s best then. There are pro’s and con’s for any time of year.


How should you book?

Booking a safari can be complicated as you want to pack as much in as possible. Speaking to the experts is a definite must, especially if it is your first time in Africa or your first safari.

People like Safari Club can make the booking process much easier, and it’s reassuring to know you’ve booked with people who are in the know.


What should you pack?

You want to look the part, but you also absolutely must dress sensibly for a safari holiday. Think beige and khaki, with neutral colours being your main colour themes. You’ll want your clothes to be light and airy, as funnily enough, it gets very hot in Africa!

Long shirts and trousers will protect you from the sun and keep you warm when it gets cooler in the evenings. You’ll also need proper walking boots to keep you protected during the hikes through the bush.

Do I need equipment?

Even if you’re not an avid photographer, you’ll regret not taking a camera of some sort with you. There are so many amazing sights and fascinating creatures to be seen, and you’ll want to be able to look back on them when you get home.

Binoculars are also useful; you may not be able to get too close to some animals and in some parks. These will allow you to see the wildlife up close and personal even if they’re a distance away.


Once your holiday is booked and planned, just start the countdown! Get lots of sleep before you go, and make sure you’re packed in advance. During your trip, keep yourself safe and enjoy it! It’s a once in a lifetime trip for many, so turn your phone off and make the most of your African safari.


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  1. Going on an African safari has been on my bucket list for years now. The idea of actually going on one kind of scares me to death, but then again that’s why I want to do it! Thanks for your nifty planning tips. I’ll be sure to book flights, tours, and hotels well in advance, as well as buy a nice camera and binoculars.

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