Road Trips: Set Your Sat Nav To These Awesome Destinations
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Road trips are now seen as a right of passage. As kids finish university, they often head off on a Eurorail adventure. Well, over the past couple of years, road trips have quickly become even more popular. Some road trip destinations are well-driven.

Places like the United States, for example. But there are plenty of places to discover if you want to drive around some of the world’s best places. And to whet your appetite, here are some awesome road-trip destinations that you need to set your sat nav to.



France is an extremely popular tourist destination. Its cities, such as Paris and Lyon, are always busy with tourists. But the country also has some fantastic scenery out in its countryside. And the best way to explore it all is to get in your car and go driving!

There are many wine countries that offer scenic views of pretty vineyards. If you want to try the wine, you’ll have to make sure you take it in turns to drive! And driving through France makes you completely independent. If you fancy checking out the capital one day, simply park in Paris near the Louvre for a day of sightseeing!





The country of Romania isn’t as popular as France, but more and more tourists are heading there each year. And that’s because it’s a super cheap destination with many historic gems!

The Danube flows through the country. So if you want to stick to the rural areas, you can always follow the flow of the river.

To experience Romanian city life, head to Cluj-Napoca. The main hub of Transylvania, this quaint city has a very historic feel to it and is also the location of the popular St. Michael’s Church.


Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a large wine region, one that could almost rival that of France! Most of the country’s wine production takes place in the Bohemia region. Many visitors drive down there and stop off for a few nights to take advantage of the great wines and excellent hiking opportunities.

Visiting Prague, the capital city is also worthwhile. This historic city is where you’ll find the iconic astronomical clock in the Old Town Square. While you are in Prague, don’t forget to walk up to Prague Castle. You’ll have fantastic city vistas from its spot on the top of a cliff.





Another country with a fantastic rural landscape, Denmark is an excellent road-trip choice. Especially for families, who can stop off at Legoland for a day. The region of Ilulissat is popular for its many hiking routes through glaciers.

Thanks to its northern location, it is also one of best spots to see the Northern Lights. For bicycle tours and plenty of sandy beaches, head to the island of Aero.

Don’t worry; you can leave your car in the port on the mainland and hop on a ferry to get there!


So if you’re thinking about a road trip, forget about the USA. There are loads of fantastic European destinations you should consider first!

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