Plan Before You Travel And Make The Most Of Your Holiday
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Planning is probably not on the list of things that most of us find enjoyable. Thinking about it, planning a party is a lot less fun than having a party.

Planning a shopping trip can be enjoyable, but never as much fun as actually getting the things we want. And planning a work project is never great fun, because, well, it’s work.

Planning something you don’t much enjoy is boredom squared.



Planning a holiday is different, though. Before and after you’ve chosen where to go, you can focus on the things you want to see and do, whether you’ll need to learn a bit of the language.

You can plan where to eat and where to stay, and it concentrates your mind on something fun. If you’re looking ahead to a trip to Canada, for example, you can plan for time spent in the city and then out in the wilds. It can make for an enjoyable few hours.


The Brass Tacks: Things You Have To Do

Before planning any foreign holiday, you have to make sure you can actually get into, and stay in the country you’re visiting. For example, European travelers going to other European countries can move freely. With the exception of the few countries not covered by single market freedom of movement, all you need is a passport. To visit Canada, however, they need Canada electronic travel authorisation.

If you’re visiting a country that’s some way away, it may be the case that you need immunizations before setting off. It’s worth checking, wherever you’re going. Some places won’t let you in without them; and the last thing you want is to fall ill while on holiday.


Your Checklist: Things You Want To Do

All of us, when thinking of a holiday, have some set ideas in mind of what we want to get done while there. It may be a specific sight we want to see, a food we want to eat, an experience to tick off our bucket list.

Get these ideas down on a list, and check that you’ll have the time to get from one to another. Pencil in an itinerary – you may well abandon it once there, but it’s useful to have.


Your Wish List: What You Want To Bring Back

While you’re on holiday, one of the little joys is being in stores you don’t have back home, picking up items you don’t get in domestic shops. Making a list for things you want to pick up on holiday is a sound idea. It will help you to check things off, and also allow you to check what you are allowed to bring back through customs. Some items may seem benign but for one reason or another be banned at customs. Don’t let this spoil your trip.


Prior planning for a holiday will allow you to maximize what you get done while there. In the process of checking what you can do, you’ll end up having more ideas and will be able to get the best from any foreign holiday. Bon voyage!


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