Kenya Safari
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The road from the airport of Mombasa which takes you to Watamu has something magical.

In Africa, Watamu is the part of Kenya that have a lot to offer. It is the number one tourist destination since it has a nice beach and easy access to a variety of excursions .

By the way, on the beach you will find many, many people who, always smiling, are ready to sell you any kind of package, with much cheaper prices than those of the resort and some of them are well recommended in the web world.

You can, for instance, buy a package at a cost of $350 ( including meals and overnight stay in the wilderness) which offers : Safari to Tsavo East, Safari Blue and a tour around Malindi, another town not far from Watamu.

The two safari of this tour are amazing.


Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo east National Park, Kenya

The safari to Tsavo East National Park is certainly the most ‘popular’.

Located about three hours from Watamu, is an experience that cannot be missed!

A Kenya postcards view, with all imaginable animals free in their habitat area and a short distance from the jeep at sunset giraffes, elephants, rhinos, lions and many others.

It allows you to make a short stop before going into the wilderness, in order to see the crocodiles and monkeys.

But watch out for the sunglasses, the little monkeys seem to have a certain predisposition to steal them!

Usually this experience lasts two days, because there are also places to sleep inside the park.

Just imagine the excitement of waking up at dawn with the amazing sight in front of your eyes !


Safari Blue

Safari Blue Kenya

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The Safari Blue starts when they come to pick you up early in the morning with a funny boat with two floors : you place upstairs if you want to sunbathe or downstairs if you prefer to stay in the shade.

The first stop is the water!

Providing all mask, snorkel and fins, the staff allow you to experience something truly amazing.

The snorkeling is wonderful, colorful , fantastic! It does not last a lot, because there are so many other things to see.

Passing through the mangroves, you will arrive to the island of Waka Waka , completely tropical intact.

On this island, there is a village of funny Kenyans who show tourists their ‘wedding dance’ (they say it is still part of the tradition) and then inviting women to join in the dancing.

The excursion also includes a lunch on the sea of shellfish, rice and other delicacies.


Children of Kenya

Smiling Faces at Diani Children's Support Centre, Kenya

In general Kenyans are wonderful people, very hospitable and incredibly cheerful.

The suggestion is, if you have something extra such as shampoo, shower gel or drugs, to leave everything to them. Their smiles will reward you!

The children of Kenya every morning go to the bore to fill the buckets, because most of them do not have running water or standard electricity in the house. Just consider that sometimes the wells are located 5 or 6 km.

The children of Kenya when stretching their hands towards you, they do not want money (really poor families still use the barter system, so often for them money is useless), but they will be full of joy at the sight of a piece of candy or a marker.

The children of Kenya have nothing! Yet they play together, shoulder to shoulder, and live in perfect harmony sharing everything.

There is always something new to learn in every country you will visit!

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