Experiencing a Different Culture in Paris
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No matter what age a person is, life is all about experiences.

For seventy years the international school in Paris has believed the opportunity to experience a different culture is a necessary step in the development of a well rounded global citizen.

For the incoming student meeting new people, seeing a foreign country and trying new foods can seem daunting.

With students from around the world, the pupils are integrated into an international community from day one.

With caring and supportive staff, the students soon discover their similarities more than their differences.

international school of paris

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The school excels in providing not only exceptional academic standards but also extra curricular activities. These help to integrate the pupil into the new school and into a new country.

Students get the best of both worlds, an American structured learning system but in the heart of Paris. ASP encourage learning not only in the classroom but venture into Paris for an integrated learning environment.

Paris has long been regarded as a city which has given rise to world renown artists, thinkers, and designers. It is at the cutting edge of ideas and the school encourages the students to absorb these standards in their own creative process, helping them to achieve their highest potential.

ASP creates an environment in which young people not only learn, but develop a passion for learning. With a strong core of talented instructors and board members working together, they make learning meaningful and fun.

They believe students blossom when they are guided to discover and not just taught. This passion for discovery carries forth in their lives and prepares them for a lifetime of opportunities. Some of the alumni have continued into further education at some of the top universities around the world.

The world is changing at a breakneck pace, with advancements in technology happening on a daily basis.

With a background education geared towards continued self improvement through education, ASP graduates are well placed to tackle their chosen career paths.

With the multifaceted grounding they receive at ASP, the students have the confidence in their abilities to face an international workplace.

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