How to Organize the Trip of a Lifetime
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The time has come when you can finally plan your trip of a lifetime. You and your partner can take time away from work, and you have the finances to make it happen.

You’ve both been looking forward to this for years. A little organization can ensure it delivers.


Research and Plan

Research as much as you possibly can. Look online and invest in some travel books. Catch up with your favorite travel bloggers and read reviews.

Gather as much information as you can until you’re ready to choose a destination. Try to plan in advance. This will allow you enough time to make the necessary arrangements.

Creating a holiday you’ll never forget will take a little thought and prep.

If you intend to stay self-catering, find out exactly what is included in the package. Will you need to bring your own sheets or towels, for example?

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Involve the Family

Involve your family in the preparations. Ask for their opinions and try to find a destination and venue that suits everyone.

If you have young children, then look for family-friendly options.

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Look Into Amenities

When looking for possible destinations, scope out local amenities. Discuss with your family what you would like to do when you’re away. Look for landmarks, activities, etc.

Check to see what other people have written about them and look for availability. Some activities such as golf, etc. may require advance bookings.

Include local eateries in your research. Find out if there are any local specialties and find out where they’re served.


Look at Local Events

Check out local events during your stay. Will there be festivals, gigs, and other events to attend? Will they be close to your hotel or apartment?

It may be great to experience these things. However, it may not be great to be kept awake at night.





Don’t Forget Transfers

Before you book, think about transfers. Consider what time you’re likely to arrive and how you will get from the airport to your hotel or holiday home.

If you intend to travel around, consider an affordable car hire option. This will allow you the flexibility to go wherever you want when you’re away.

You won’t have to worry about public transport or cabs.


Create Checklists

Create a vacation checklist. This should include everything you need to do ahead of the trip. For example, arranging vaccinations and currency. As you think of something, add it to your list.

Nearer the time create a packing checklist. If you have some free space, start packing heavier items in advance. Leave your suitcase in a spare room. Check off each item as you pack it.

Don’t forget charger cables and batteries, etc. for phones, cameras, and other tech.




Be Flexible

Planning is great, and it is necessary. But make sure you allow some flexibility in your schedule.

You are likely to discover new things when you’re away, and you will need time to explore them.

Don’t forget to record some of those special moments.

Take photos and videos so you can look back on your time away and remember it for years to come.

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