Want To Change the World As You Travel? Here’s How To Make A Start
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Travelling can be a huge eye opener. If this is something you want to do, you’ll no doubt go through a big transformation as you go from place to place.

But what about changing the world as you travel?

Can you do it, and if so, how?

Here’s how you can make a start:

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Do It The Economically Friendly Way

If you want to change the world as you travel, you can start before you even get on a plane! One of the most important ways to change the world is being economically friendly. So many people don’t pay any attention to the environment and keeping it in good condition, which is why the world is deteriorating at a rapid rate.

Find ways to travel as economically friendly as you possibly can. You’re obviously going to need to get on planes sometimes, but are there occasions you may be able to use trains, cars, bikes even?

Aim to be good to the environment as you travel and you’re already helping the world.


Respect The Places You Visit

Wherever you may go, make sure you respect the places you visit. This doesn’t just mean keeping in line with the culture to make sure you don’t offend anybody. It means keeping places clean and tidy.

Don’t litter, or do anything that compromises the beauty/cleanliness of the place you’re visiting. Make sure that everywhere you visit is left in the same condition you found it. Or even better condition, if that’s possible!


Teach Buddhist Monks English

There are so many volunteering opportunities you can look into as you travel. There are literally hundreds of ways you can make a difference.

Why not teach Buddhist monks English? You can teach English to most people in most countries. In some places you’ll need a qualification, and in others you might not.

Teaching Buddhist monks specifically can be really rewarding, as they are very grateful. Plus, you can guarantee they are sending some positive vibes your way. Yay for good karma!


Help The Animals

Another brilliant volunteering opportunity; helping the animals. When you volunteer abroad with the animals, you can see all kinds of beautiful creatures up close.

You may work with monkeys, tigers, birds – there are so many opportunities depending on what you want to do.


Clean Up

By simply cleaning up, you can make a difference to many different countries.

You can volunteer to help with natural disasters and other big jobs. You could simply make an effort to make it cleaner wherever you go.

Every tiny thing you do can help change the world, even if it seems like it doesn’t matter.


Share Positivity

Another great way to change the world as you travel? Spreading positivity! Putting a positive spin on things will make your experience more pleasant, and could change the experience of others.

You can never be too positive or upbeat, and it really is contagious.


Hopefully you’ve now got some ideas that will help you to change the world as you travel.

How will you do it?


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  1. I love learning different cultures while I travel. It’s fun and at the same time really fulfilling…

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