Four Awesome European Weekend Breaks
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Now that the weather is (hopefully) finally getting warmer, it’s only natural that our minds may turn to the thought of holidays.

There’s nothing better than getting away from it all for even just a few days; after all a change is as good as a rest. Whoever first coined that phrase certainly knew what they were talking about.

If you’ve got itchy feet, but can’t wait til the summer for a proper vacation, what can you do?

The summer still seems a long way off! It’s hard to believe we are already into March. Easter isn’t too far away, but prices can be somewhat overinflated because it’s out of term time.

It’s a peak season for most resorts and travel businesses, so they hike up their prices. If you really can’t wait, then there are loads of short breaks across Europe that needn’t cost a fortune.


The Alps

the alps

Image by Jo.

Love skiing? Then why not head to the ultimate mecca of the slopes, the Alps. The Alps are famous for their chocolate box style cute looks, and some of the best skis run you’ll find on the planet.

The off piste is pretty spectacular, too. Skiing has a reputation for being elitist and ultra-expensive. But there are affordable options available to you, that may be kinder to your pocket. Momentum Ski offer a range of bespoke skiing trips for all price ranges.




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London is a must see destination for just about everyone. Whatever you enjoy doing, you’ll find it in the capital city. History buffs can check out past times in the Tower of London, or visit Buckingham Palace for a royal visit.

Fans of the arts are spoiled for choice, with theatres, museums and concerts galore. One of the best things about the museums in London is that a lot of them are free to get in. Individual exhibitions may incur a fee to gain admission. But generally, you can get into most of them without spending a penny, which is great if you’re on a shoestring. Check out Time Out to see what’s on.




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If you fancy adding some Spanish flair to your break, then why not visit Barcelona. You can while away the hours people watch on LAs Ramblas, the throbbing heart of this vibrant city. IF you like football, then you must pay a visit to the majestic stadium of Barcelona FC, the Camp Nou.

There’s also a museum where you can investigate the history of the world famous team. They are undeniably one of the best teams in the world, and the scale of the grounds is breathtaking.



eiffel tower - paris

Image By M. Brenn

Paris is the ultimate romantic destination for those with a little bit of loving in mind. What could be more romantic than strolling hand in hand by the River Seine with the one you love? There’s the famous Eiffel Tower, which stands at an impressive 300 metres.

Up until the Chrysler Building in New York was built in 1930, the tower was the tallest man-made structure in the entire world. These days it’s dwarfed by many tall buildings all over the world. But few can compete on such magnificence and craftsmanship from such a long time ago!


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