6 Digital Nomad Jobs For People Who Want To Travel The World
By: Date: February 8, 2022 Categories: Travel Tips

Is traveling the world one of your craziest fantasies? Do you wish that you could change your routine and lead a more fulfilling life? 

Well, now you can! Many people have become digital nomads, meaning that they travel around the world while they also work online. You can easily do the same if you have one of the following six jobs. 


Job 1: Voice Acting

Actors and people who know how to use their voice as a means of emotional expression are ideal for the job of a voice actor. Voice actors are asked to narrate audiobooks or read an educational or commercial script for an online video or commercials, to act as a character in an animation movie or a video game and so on. Voice actors do all that without showing their face. You can find the aforementioned and other similar jobs if you register at voquent.com, where you can receive job offers, accept the ones you’re interested in, record at your own time and space and then send back the final product. 


Job 2: Content Creation

If you are a creative person who is okay with showing their face and body to the camera, you can work as a content creator either in a business or for your own benefit. You should have a passion for filming and confidence in front of the camera – the longer you practice the better you will become. Having good equipment will make it easier to grab people’s attention, which you can then capture with your enticing content. Transporting all the filming equipment, cameras, lights, microphones, will be hard, but you’ll definitely have many more opportunities to create awesome content while you’re traveling around.


Job 3: Video Editing

Ever since video content creation became so mainstream, many people have become professional video editors. Video editors are popular because editing all the raw footage that creators have filmed, which includes cutting unnecessary bits, adding texts or special effects and improving the overall quality of the image, is a time-consuming process, and creators prefer spending their time on more creative activities, such as brainstorming and filming. 


Job 4: Digital Marketing

Any traditional business and influencers do have a digital marketing team behind them. Digital marketers are responsible for the image of their brand online. There are many fields of internet presence that a digital marketer consults their clients about and they work together to optimize. Social media activity, easily discovered websites, newsletter subscriptions are just a few of them. A digital marketer who has access to the internet does not need anything else, not even an office.


Job 5: Web Design

A web designer is part of the digital marketing team of a business. Web designers create or update websites and webpages. They make sure that everything looks good and works correctly. They use a great range of digital media and tools, like photos, videos, hyperlinks, in order to create sites that match the style of their client. Emails and video calls are the main means of communication between designer and client, so no need to go to the office. 


Job 6: Translation

Thanks to the digitalization that dominates our era, it is possible for translators to work from any part of the world they want as well. They can receive digital files of written documents, like contracts, brochures, whole books or any other type of text form, and translate it on a digital file which they can then send back to their client. Most of the time, their laptop is the sole thing they need in order to do their job. 

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