6 Countries Where To Move, Live Better And (Maybe) Make A Fortune
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If you plan to change your life, you can start all over again from a simple plane ticket.

Young people looking for new career opportunities, retired people who want to live with the ‘minimum’, families who want to give their children an opportunity or small businessmen who are trying to broaden their horizons.

In short, the reasons that are pushing you to flee from your country could be many. Here are some of the best places to live and where (maybe, if you are lucky), make money.


1. Australia

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A continent to be conquered, with a solid economy and medium-high salaries that allow a good standard of living.

In Australia there are still many professional figures, many services that could be taken for granted, but at the same time it’s a modern and avant-garde country. There is still space, in short, for those who want to work or open a business.

There is also room for those who want to escape from the West to do nothing. Of course, English should not be a problem, unless you want to be a dishwasher.


2. Qatar

Qatar has taken the place of Dubai that a few years ago seemed the Eldorado of the job.

All who left their permanent place in search of new and incredible opportunities. Here too there is hunger for qualified professionals and companies are willing to pay them gold. Contrary to what happened in Dubai, however, Qatar seems to have a more positive and encouraging economic future. The earnings from independent work are not taxed.

Talks are already taking place for the football World Cup in 2022 and professions are looking for a lot. Doha is an ultramodern city where amusements are many, the only drawback is the warmth and clothing that is always in keeping with a Muslim country.


3. Thailand

In all the classifications where you live better (it is called ‘the Land of Smiles’), Thailand offers fabulous beaches and a dream sea, warm climate all year round (apart from the rainy season), but also one of the metropolises most active in the world: Bangkok.

In this country, you can live with a minimum income of 7-800 dollars per month. A house costs around 300 dollars per month, you may eat with 4 dollars and so on.

There are many job opportunities for foreigners, especially in the tourism sector. But one does not even struggle to open one’s own business. If you are retired then you are really in a paradise. Attention only to hygiene and the health system.


4. Singapore

We find it at the top of many world rankings: quality of life, safety, cleanliness, etc. Its economy is light years away from that of other countries in Southeast Asia. It is the ideal destination for those who are competitive, for the nerds and for those with many degrees.

This City-State never sleeps and those who sleep here, more than elsewhere, do not catch fish. The only problem is to arrive without a job: you can transfer only if called by a company that has offices here.

Start by scrolling through the list of companies based in Singapore and contacting them. Between polo clubs, starred restaurants and scenic swimming pools here you live like a king.


5. Canada

The best country in terms of quality of life, nature and hospitality. In some ways even better than the United States, since there are many more job opportunities without the Green Card nightmare.

Toronto is one of the most multi-ethnic and modern cities. Montreal is rich in culture. The only problem for Italians is the very cold climate. If you decide to move there, you need to face any problems linked with extreme temperatures. People there install Heat-line to protect their water pipes from extreme cold!


6. United States

In the United States of America doctors often advise older people to move to Florida: what might seem like a joke or a cliché is a reality.

Why? Because in Florida it’s summer all year. And this is not only good for rheumatism and bones of those who are older. But also for young people, especially for those who love beaches, beauty and night-time entertainment.

Places like Miami Beach, in fact, are authentic paradises descended to earth. It seems to be in the Caribbean because of the natural views, only here are all the best features of the USA: work, meritocracy, cities and avant-garde buildings, the possibility of discovering a thousand different cultures.

Florida is an opportunity to seize on the fly: if you are young, you have the whole world and all the time ahead. This means that giving Florida a chance is always a great way to start with your desire to change your life.

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