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TOP 5 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe
By: Date: September 2, 2020 Categories: Czech Republic,Europe,France,Portugal,Spain,United Kingdom Tags: , , , , , ,

Europe is rich of history and the cities of this continent are the living proof . Although in the “Euro Zone ” states have adopted the same currency , they are different in economic, cultural , political and architectural terms, offering a variety of realities ready to be explored. If you are European, you should…

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Using a Bus to Visiting Spain
By: Date: September 22, 2015 Categories: Europe,Spain Tags: ,

Many schools love to teach their students in a fun and interactive way and give them memories that can assist in learning. Lots of schools also do this by taking the students on holiday. This not only gives them a great experience involving travel but it can also be a great cultural learning experience as…

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