Bangkok – 4 Markets Off the Beaten Tourist Tracks
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Night market, near Victory Monument, Bangkok

Bangkok is the home of shopping in Asia.

With a wide choice ranging from ultra luxurious shopping malls to street markets, it is impossible not to be carried away by the fever for purchases.

When it comes to the markets of Bangkok, they are associated with a spontaneous idea of ​​the stands of the Weekend Market – the famous JJ or Chatuchak Market – the largest outdoor market in Asia, with subtle lanes of the busy China Town, where every day thousands of people flock for their purchases , or with the night markets almost exclusively intended to accommodate tourists as Patphong , Asiatique or Night Baazar at Mo Chit.

But if you are looking for something less artificial and more authentic then these 4 markets are for you. You may want to take some photos or simply watch the Thai haggle over the price of the goods.


1. Victory Monument

Night market, near Victory Monument, Bangkok

Night market, near Victory Monument, Bangkok

This market, known to Thais with the unpronounceable name of Anusawari Chai Samoraphum – many taxi drivers would not know where to take you if you ask for the name in English – is a major hub of communication on the road from which minivans are directed in many areas of Thailand.

At the edge of the huge roundabout that surrounds the monument at the center of the square , from early morning until late evening, this market is present, where the prices are really low and there are plenty of food stalls with typical dishes from different parts of the country.

Here you will come across often in tourists, passing in the area headed out of Bangkok, roam the stands trying to decide which dish to taste.

It is easy to reach this place, thanks to the Skytrain ( BTS Victory Monument station).


2. Klong Toey

This is, among the various markets of Bangkok ‘s, the most important and authentic one. It never closes!

Here 24 hours a day, you find traders who not only have to deal with the retail, but also will supply the raw material for the meals of many Bangkok restaurants.

You should avoid the hottest hours of the day, as a priority : the heat and humidity, mixed with the smell of meat and spices can play tricks on you.

It is located on Rama IV at Soi Phai Sing To and can be reached by metro , although the MRT Station is not very close, you may reach Klong Toey by bus or by taxi.


3. On Nut

On Nut Market, Bangkok, Thailand

On Nut Market, Bangkok, Thailand

One of the most vibrant local markets is the one located at On Nut, right close to BTS stop with the same name, just across the road from Tesco Lotus.

In addition to really low prices , the special thing about this market is the fact that during the season where it rains often and suddenly, the whole area is protected by awnings coverage.

Here you will find mostly female clothing , accessories (including colored contact lenses at prices lower than elsewhere) and shoes.

It is really relaxing to sit next to the ” House of the Spirits ” in the corner of the market and observe the traders bring offerings before the opening of the store.


4. Lalai Sap

Behind the headquarters of Bangkok Bank on Silom Road, from Monday to Friday , just before 3 pm, you can wander through the narrow streets that form around Silom Soi 5, the market Lalai Sap, which owes its name to the fact that it is almost impossible to get out without making purchases.

This market is located in the central area and it is mostly frequented by employees during the lunch break.

Alleys, buildings and basements during the day become shops and restaurants where the prices, compared to the rest available in the same area, are very affordable.

But after closing, these alleys are transformed into not just pleasant places to visit.

Are there some tourists ? Only those who arrive here by accident !


What kind of traveler are you?

Do you like to visit the traditional places or do you love to discover some little gems in your travel destination?


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