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Top Places You Can Visit in Poland
By: Date: September 8, 2020 Categories: Europe,Poland Tags: , ,

When you are in Poland – what do you think? The first thing that should be associated with Polish is that we have many monuments. There are in virtually every town – Gdańsk, Toruń, Krakow or Warsaw. Staying in Poland should be definitively rich in many guide tours. Only then, you can say, that you…

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Bangkok – 4 Markets Off the Beaten Tourist Tracks
By: Date: September 3, 2020 Categories: Asia,Thailand Tags: , , , , , ,
Night market, near Victory Monument, Bangkok

Bangkok is the home of shopping in Asia. With a wide choice ranging from ultra luxurious shopping malls to street markets, it is impossible not to be carried away by the fever for purchases. When it comes to the markets of Bangkok, they are associated with a spontaneous idea of ​​the stands of the Weekend…

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TOP 5 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe
By: Date: September 2, 2020 Categories: Czech Republic,Europe,France,Portugal,Spain,United Kingdom Tags: , , , , , ,

Europe is rich of history and the cities of this continent are the living proof . Although in the “Euro Zone ” states have adopted the same currency , they are different in economic, cultural , political and architectural terms, offering a variety of realities ready to be explored. If you are European, you should…

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Discover the Amazing Les Arcs 1950
By: Date: July 8, 2020 Categories: France Tags:

Les Arc 1950 has recently risen to become one of the most preferred ski destinations in France. The resort village is set in a picturesque mountainous region neighboring nature. There is no car traffic in the village enabling you to move around at your own pace in this enchanting pedestrian ski resort. The many events…

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Which Passports Grant Their Owners The Most Freedom To Travel?
By: Date: January 14, 2020 Categories: Travel Tips Tags:

Holidays allow us to discover and indulge in different cuisines and constant sunshine or even snow – it is what we live for. However, for some nationalities, money isn’t the only factor which restricts them from hopping on a flight – their passport does.   We’ve enjoyed exploring this topic more with help from the Henley and Partners’ passport index, the official rank of the world’s most powerful passports. The index cleverly makes an assessment…

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