5 Adventurous Activities for Adrenaline Junkies Visiting the Pacific Northwest
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If you’re an adrenaline junkie and looking for adventurous activities while traveling, make sure a trip across the Pacific Northwest is on your itinerary. The Pacific Northwest has beautiful weather during the summer months and snowy mountain peaks during the wintertime, giving travelers a reason to pack their bags year-round. With activities ranging from whitewater rafting, exploring tidal pools, climbing volcanoes, mountain biking, and hiking various mountains, there’s no wonder all the adrenaline junkies want a part of the action.


Raft the Deschutes River

A perfect summertime activity for all the thrill seekers would be rafting down the Deschutes River. Starting high in the Cascade Mountains, the water from Little Lava Lake has a constant flow during summer months, making it one of the most popular rivers along the Oregon Coast. Deschutes River Rafting offers an enticing full-day trip covering over 14 miles of river in about six hours.


Explore Tidal Pools Along the Oregon Coast

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While Oregon is known for its incredible mountains and hiking trails, some visitors miss out on exploring the coast’s tidal pools. When the tides are low, the terrain is filled with many types of marine life. This is the perfect activity for individuals, as well as a fun activity for the whole family.


Climb the Summit of Mount St. Helens

If you’re looking for a challenging hike this summer and are ready to summit a 8,366 foot volcano, make sure Mount Saint Helens is at the top of your list of can’t-miss hikes. The best part of this hike for those who aren’t climbers is that it isn’t a very technical climb. If you can handle hiking over boulders and are willing to endure a 4,500 foot elevation gain, you can handle this 10 mile round trip hike.


Mountain Bike Through Oregon

Oregon has a vast number of mountain biking trails that move through jaw-dropping scenery. If you are planning to raft down the Deschutes River, make it double adventure by biking 30 miles on the Deschutes River Trail. Try to go when it isn’t prime tourist season, as the trail can become very crowded during this time.


Hiking Old Mount Si Trail in Washington

Hiking Old Mount Si Trail is the perfect way to see Mount Si without all the extra people. This trail provides travelers with a challenging but gratifying eight mile roundtrip hike and a 3200+ elevation gain.

If you’re looking to extend you trip to include more hiking, a variety of hotel choices can be found within a thirty mile radius of other trails in the area such as Twin Falls, Rattlesnake Ledge, and Mailbox Peak.

The Pacific Northwest is a haven for those who seek diverse terrain, adventurous activities, and thrilling escapades whether you’re visiting during the winter or summer months. It’s no wonder that all the adrenaline junkies are making the Pacific Northwest a must-see on their travel itineraries.


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